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Christmas is knocking on our doors. Have you finalised your Christmas treats? Not yet? Then, you should definitely fix some mouth-watering treats for this festive season. Why not rustle up an assortment of delicious cookies? No one can get bored of cookies. In fact, for Christmas, the more cookies, the better are the celebrations. If you haven’t got any recipe on your mind, don’t fret. Here’s a list of easy cookie recipes that you can try this Christmas. From classic chocolate-chip cookies to easy-peasy no-bake cookies, you will be spoilt with choices. Check out our list of cookie recipes:

Butter cookies are a classic.

1.Butter Cookies

You don’t need to have expertise in baking in order to make these simple cookies. The smoothness of butter and the sweetness of sugar are meant to win the hearts that yearn for simple pleasures even in food.

2.No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Want your children to help you with baking Christmas cookies? Try this no-bake recipe that even kids can master. All you need is butter, milk, oatmeal, cocoa, vanilla essence and peanut butter.

3.Lemon Cookies

If you are willing to try out new flavours in cookies, it’s time you go for these soft and luscious lemon cookies. Dessert lovers will relish this treat.

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4.Ragi Cookies

If healthy snacking is your thing, get ready to bake some ragi cookies for this Christmas. For this recipe, you’ll need ragi flour, cardamom powder, ginger powder, eggs, oil, sugar and a bit of salt.

5.Cashew Nut Cookies

Fill your mouth with the smoothness of butter and the crunchiness of crushed cashew nuts. Healthy ingredients like yoghurt, ghee and oats are included in this recipe.

6.Eggless Cookies

Tired of looking for eggless cookie recipes? Look no further. Here’s an easy peasy recipe that uses flour, milk, vinegar, butter, sugar and vanilla but ditches the eggs.

The chocolate melts in the mouth.

7.Chocolate Chip Cookies

The classic chocolate chip cookies can win any foodie’s heart. His recipe requires you to bake the cookies for not more than a minute.

Merry Christmas 2021!

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