Chef Kevin Belton makes classic duck and andouille gumbo, chicken and dumplings: See recipes –

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Beginning this week, Chef Kevin Belton joins our lineup of food columnists.

Chef Kevin Belton

Readers will know Chef Belton from his residency on WWL-TV, his series of cookbooks, his PBS shows or his years of cooking classes.

In this column, Chef will offer time-tested recipes drawn from New Orleans and Louisiana foodways, as well as cuisines from other places. To reach out to Kevin Belton, email [email protected].

My culinary education started like that of most Louisiana cooks: at the kitchen table of our mothers and grandmothers.

In our home in Uptown New Orleans, every day was a lesson on our food and traditions. Every day as a family, we shared breakfast and dinner with my mom under the guidance of my grandmother, operating the kitchen like a well-oiled machine.

Early on I realized fresh ingredients, simplicity and love made up the recipe for every dish. This is one of the reasons I create recipes that everyone can prepare.

Thanks to my wife Monica, in recent years I have moved from my comfort zone of Louisiana dishes to cooking and creating recipes from many cultures. Because Monica is not a native, I get to see the culinary world through new glasses.

For this new, monthly column, I wanted to start off with one of our favorite things, and that’s soup.

There’s nothing like a hot cup of good soup on a chilly day. These two classic recipes, for duck and andouille gumbo and chicken and dumplings, bring comfort like a grandmother’s hug.

This gumbo is made with duck and smoky andouille sausage. I’ve included my recipe for potato salad, which some folks eat on the side, and others like to add right to the gumbo.

The chicken and dumplings is a favorite way to create a hearty, comforting meal that’s good for body and soul.

Take the recipes and make them yours by adjusting the ingredients to your taste.

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