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The classic fried and spicy aloo samosa always has our heart, but we also look forward to experimenting with different varieties of samosa. Be it paneer samosa, matar samosa or chicken samosa, we like them all in equal measure. But what if we tell you that there’s a sweet and salty samosa as well. Would you like to try it? Here is a recipe of luscious butter samosa that is sure to please your dessert craving. Just like all other samosas, this unique samosa is made in a triangular shape, with a crispy outer covering enclosing melt-in-your-mouth butter inside. We are already salivating; are you?

Who wouldn’t like a serving of homemade buttery treat made of oodles of butter and khoya? This special samosa is not fried but still has a crispy layer covering the butter. How? Because this makhani samosa is set in a refrigerator to get that texture. This samosa is also easier to make that a regular samosa. All you have to do is mix khoya, powdered sugar and dry fruits to make soft dough. Then roll out the dough the make small rotis and shape them to make triangles after stuffing with lots of butter. Refrigerate to set them, and enjoy. 

For butter samosa, we would suggest you to use white butter churned at home with ghee. But you can also choose to have store-bought butter. 

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White butter can be easily made at home. 

Butter Samosa Recipe I How To Make Butter Samosa At Home


Click the link here for the detailed recipe of butter samosa. There’s nothing about this sumptuous samosa that you won’t like. The crunch from dry fruits like cashews and almonds will make it a delightful eat.

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