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Over this past year at Feast and Field, we’ve met chefs from every corner of the country who’ve shared fun, delicious and unique dishes with our team and readers. Below, each member of our staff picks three recipes they just can’t get enough of.

Korey, Executive Editor

This homemade bloody mary recipe uses mushroom powder for subtle umami that elevates the classic brunch cocktail.

“I love brunch, and I love vodka. (It’s the only liquor I drink on a regular basis!) This recipe is easy, quick and so damn delicious.”

This particularly colorful fries recipe is salty, crispy and a perfect complement to a burger or steak.

“Sweet potatoes are my favorite veggie. (I gravitate toward anything that’s gluten-free.) Plus, frites are an easy way to get my kids to eat their vegetables. These are colorful and delicious.”

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Georgia chef Dave Snyder creates this eye-catching salad that tingles the senses and delights the palate.

“All my favorite summer things! Mint, arugula and watermelon… in one easy-to-make (yet totally refreshing) salad.”

Dana, Content Director 

Homemade ricotta is surprisingly simple to prepare, but these toasts will also be delicious with store-bought.

“I’m all about taking simple flavors and bringing them to new heights, and this toast does just that. If you’re a fan of tomatoes, cheese (bonus points for ricotta) and all things bread, you definitely don’t want to underestimate this little but mighty dish.”

Panzanella, a rustic Italian bread salad, takes advantage of ripe, summer produce for a hearty and satisfying starter or main dish.

“I’m big on entertaining, but I’m also big on keeping things easy. This elevated salad is a great go-to dish that uses everything you want in a gourmet salad, like crusty Italian bread, summertime cherries and salty pistachios. (Plus, it will really impress your guests with its presentation.)”

This pesto recipe uses pecans instead of the traditional pine nuts, but feel free to customize with your favorite nuts and herbs.

“When it comes to pasta, ‘from-scratch’ is my preferred method. That’s why I love this simple, fresh and flavor-packed pesto that’s easily whipped up in my food processor — even on a weekday night.”

Heather, Creative Director

For bread-baking beginners, this focaccia recipe is uncomplicated — and shines on the side or …….



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